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Study for "Flux Capacitor"

Here are two pieces I've been working on.  Flux Capacitor is at the stage of an idea that has found something close to its final internal form, but the details of its construction and assembly are yet to be worked out.  It is literally just a pile of parts.


Overclocked, by contrast, is very close to completed.  Most of the construction is well sorted, and I am just fiddling with a way of making the CPU rotatable - so you can wear it as a square, or a diamond.  Cutting an actual computer CPU into a circle was an interesting exercise.  Bonus points to anyone who can work out what exact processor I used.

There is quite a bit of fluff and grot visible in these images - the pieces have not yet had their final clean and assembly.

There are more pieces taking shape as well, and another commission piece that I finished that I can't put up until it has been given to its intended. More to come soon.

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