Time Machine [July 2009]

Watch parts, ball bearings, record player tonearm pivot, glass lenses, hematite, camera part

Recently my partner Rachel bought me a wonderful book, filled with full page pictures of the mechanisms inside very high end wristwatches. Absolutely stunning, complex and beautiful. not to mention inspirational.

So I got hold of a bunch of old wind-up watch mechanisms and have been playing around with them in my work. both sides of this mechanism were nice, so I decided to put glass on both faces of the piece.

The outer aluminium case is the tonearm pivot from an old record player - it turned up by chance at exactly the right time and was a perfect fit. The most difficult and time consuming part of this piece was the hanger - I ended up cutting a slot in one of the grub screws from the pivot, inserting the camera part, cross drilling a hole through both, and machining up a tiny brass rivet to go through the hole and hold it all together. This assembly was then screwed into the original threaded hole in the pivot.

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  1. Magnifique. J'adore les engrenages. Les minuscules sont encore plus extraordinaires.
    Wonderful indeed !



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