Rollers [Apr 2011]

VCR Tape Rollers, Stainless Steel Wire, Hematite Bead

Made a bunch of earrings from tape rollers from salvaged videocassette recorders.  For icons of 1980's technology, they have a surprisingly art deco feel to me.  Each VCR has a pair of these rollers, and I'm yet to find two pairs that are the same.  The steel shaft is extremely tough steel - I broke a number of solid carbide drill bits before getting the technique for drilling them down.  As you can see in the photo below, I started off using off-the-shelf earring hangers because i had run out of stainless steel wire.  I thought these let the earrings down though, so ordered some 0.5mm SS wire and made my own hangers, complete with a little cylindrical bicone hematite bead.

There are a few pairs of these left - if anyone is interested, email me know.  I'm asking $60 a pair.

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