Anomalous Piece [Feb 2011]

beam splitter, stainless steel surgical bone pin, spring, titanium rod.

This piece is something of an anomaly for me, because it isn't round.  The glass beam splitter block is also something of a mystery, as I can't remember exactly where it came from.  Either a camera or a piece of old scientific equipment.  Camera most likely.

the pads glued to the sides of the block are machined from titanium rod - incredibly difficult given their size and thinness.  The bent rod that holds the block is cut from a stainless steel surgical bone pin, from the Vet where my partner Rachel works.  the ends were rounded to fit in the hemispherical cups machined into the pads.  The block is free to rotate, held in place by the spring tension of the steel rod. 

A Spring is used to attach the work to the fine coated steel cable, the spring being held between two stoppers machined from titanium.  small grooves were milled in the top of the stoppers, to hold the ends of the spring and also to prevent the wire from kinking where it comes out of the spring at the stopper.  Again, very fine and fiddly machine work required here.

It is extremely difficult to photograph this piece, as it dynamically changes with light and surroundings, and flashes gold or irridescent orange when it catches the light, and looks translucent blue or purple from other angles.  it also partially reflects its surroundings.

This piece is a gift for my partner, Rachel.

...and there is a secret circle in there too ;)


  1. Very nice piece. Good to see it finished and not sitting on your desk along with the other 10,000,000 bits of 'stuff' Love Dad n Mum.

  2. Really beautiful and inspiring work. I love art made with found materials!


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