First Post

This is the start of what I hope will develop into a fairly comprehensive record of my jewellery work, both old works, new pieces, and maybe even a few sketches of future pieces and works in progress. The images in the title bar randomly change each time youb reload this page. you can click on them to be taken to a larger version of the pic.

The intent is to have a showcase that I can point people at if they are interested in my work, whether just to keep up with what I've been making, to enquire about pieces for sale, or to commission a specific work.

Initially, I will be putting up both old and new works. Once ive got all the old works up, I might reorder the blog by the date of the work, but for now, i'll the old and the new will be mixed together.

I'm on a bit of a creative roll at the moment, so I'm aiming for a new piece every week. Ive got a few outstanding commissions on the go and coming up, and am really enjoying working on them, and the other spontaneous pieces. I'm also finding myself liking a lot of the new pieces, which makes them hard to give up, but is overall a good sign :)


  1. Looks like you got the Post-a-Comment working

  2. 4th comment from Taus.. Enjoyed scrolling down through the pieces, explanations of how they came to be and it's good to read that you are currently in such a positive/creative phase. i'll look forward to seeing some of your work 1st hand.

  3. What beautiful art and great to read how they came about.
    Nice to see how you have developed as an artist, I still have the two necklaces that you made for me many years ago (1999). I especially love the two pieces titled 'time machine' and 'two landscapes'.
    Keep creating.


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