n+1 [June 2009]

clock gears, ball bearing, brass ring, lens, garlic press, aluminium, camera part, text

This piece floated around my desk half finished for a long time, wating for just the right part to come along to use as the attachment point.  I could have used any old thing and had it finished ages ago, but I like this piece a lot, and didn't want to compromise.  So it waited a long time, and eventually the right piece turned up.

The brass ring was originally from a 35mm SLR camera lens, part of the focus mechanism.  The lens likewise.  The gears came from an old clock, and the back (not visible) is black anodised aluminium, cut from the case of a computer hard drive.  The attachment piece came out of another old camera, held in place by a tiny screw.  My favourite part has got to be the internal aluminium plate with holes in it.  Scratched and beaten up, it came out of an old garlic press!  The text peeking through the bottom three holes came from an old mathematics textbook on recursion sequences.

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